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Projects + Services

Program Development and Evaluation
We can collaborate with you on various international education projects to help develop new programs and services, improve existing programs, and provide increased student access to international experiences.  Sample projects include:
  • Develop an internationalization strategy for a high school or university or help set up a study abroad office

  • Create a strategy and protocols for developing successful faculty-led programs 

  • Develop a short-term STEM field-research program for high school or college students

  • Lead a site evaluation of an overseas program or review an institution's portfolio of international programs

  • Developing virtual programs and internships

  • Collaborate on new programs and strategies to help increase diversity in study abroad

  • Provide market analysis on a new international program strategy

  • Develop a strategy and tools for evaluating international programs

  • Design a pre-departure orientation for staff, faculty, and students

  • Assist a community college with the development of a new global business internship or public health field-practicum

Strategic Advising
These are challenging times for schools and organizations involved with international exchange and study abroad. As your institution works to overcome various barriers and explores new opportunities for your students, we can provide strategic support that is customized to meet your needs and budget.
  • Provide guidance via e-mail, telephone, or video conferencing on a monthly or semi-annual retainer basis to help provide strategic feedback.

  • Provide specific expertise and support to small teams and organizations that don't have the ability to hire new staff but need help with important projects.

  • Leverage a vast global network and 25+ years of experience to help institutions and organizations address key internationalization challenges and goals.

Staff Training and Development
We've worked with staff in 40+ countries on six continents. Let us help you strengthen your team, assist with organizational development, or provide valuable training.
  • Cross-cultural communication and global team-building
  • Staff changes related to organizational changes and expansion
  • Design emergency response protocols for campus and field staff
  • Help improve field staff performance and communication
  • Develop training protocols for program leaders or overseas staff
Global Business Development and Support
We are experienced cultural chameleons--able to adjust and adapt to new locations, business environments, and industries. We can assist your organization as it expands into new markets, negotiates with potential partners, or seeks to strengthen its international staff.
  • Strategic Development

  • Market Research

  • Relationship Management

  • Cross-cultural Communication and Intercultural Development

  • Project management

  • Staff Training

  • Overcoming Cultural Challenges

  • Risk Management


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